DOT Drug Testing Consortium For Employers

We offer a drug testing consortium to owner-operators nationwide. It features a network of drug testing labs and a staff dedicated to keeping all of your employees up-to-date on regulations.

There are over 12,500 testing locations and one is near you.

As an employer responsible for managing a fleet of commercial motor vehicles, one of your biggest challenges is maintaining compliance with the many DOT rules and regulations that are required for operating commercial trucks or other vehicles.

Fleet Drug Testing handles every aspect of the drug and alcohol testing process, including selecting testing sites, collecting specimens, and reporting test results to the owner-operators. Your company is part of a consortium that shares the costs to help keep fees low.

DOT Compliance Made Simple

Enroll in Drug Testing Program

Enroll employees in Fleet’s DOT compliant dug testing consortium.

Random Drug Testing Selection

Fleet sends employees information and reminders for required drug testing for pre-employment and random screenings.

Take Drug Test

Employees complete drug test at one of 10,000 testing locations across the nation.

Fleet Handles the Rest

Fleet Drug Testing will submit employee test results for medical review and file all of the required documentation.

Fleet Drug Testing Is Your Full-Service Provider of DOT-Compliant Programs

At Fleet Drug Testing, we know how important compliance is to your overall business. That’s why we offer DOT drug and alcohol testing consortium programs that ensure your ability to maintain compliance and keep your business running.

By partnering with other employers and sharing resources, you can comply with DOT regulations and keep your costs low. Plus, our comprehensive drug and alcohol testing program can help you reduce the risk of accidents and protect your business from legal liabilities. Don’t wait until it’s too late – join our DOT drug testing consortium today. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more or get started.

Why Does the DOT Require Drug and Alcohol Testing?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires drug and alcohol testing for safety reasons. Employees in certain safety-sensitive positions, such as commercial drivers, are required to undergo drug and alcohol testing to ensure that they are not under the influence while performing their job duties.

The DOT requires drug testing to identify drivers or other employees who may be using illegal drugs or misusing prescription medications that could impair their ability to perform their job safely. Alcohol testing is also required because alcohol is a leading cause of impairment and is commonly abused by individuals in safety-sensitive positions.

By requiring drug and alcohol testing, the DOT aims to reduce the risk of accidents and promote safety in the workplace. Specifically, the DOT’s drug and alcohol testing program requires the following:

  • Written Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy
  • Pre-Employment Testing
  • Random Testing
  • Post-Accident Testing
  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing
  • Return-to-Duty Testing
  • Follow-Up Testing
  • Chain of Custody Procedures
  • Qualified Testing Facilities
  • Recordkeeping

How Can the DOT Drug Testing Program Affect My Business?

As an employer in the transportation industry, you have a responsibility to not only ensure the safety of your employees but every driver on the road. This, obviously, is a huge undertaking. This is the main purpose of the DOT’s drug testing program, but there are other affects it can have on your business. Like any other regulation, the DOT drug testing program can have both positive and negative impacts on your business.

Positive impacts

  • Increased Safety - The DOT drug testing program helps to ensure that employees who operate commercial motor vehicles are free from drug and alcohol impairment. This can help to reduce accidents and improve safety on the roads.
  • Compliance with Regulations - By participating in the DOT drug testing program, your business will be complying with federal regulations. This can help you to avoid penalties and fines for non-compliance.
  • Improved Reputation - By promoting a drug-free workplace, your business can improve its reputation with customers, employees, and the general public.

Negative impacts

  • Increased Costs - Implementing a drug testing program can be costly, especially for small businesses. This can include the cost of drug testing kits, training, and administrative expenses.
  • Reduced Productivity - Drug testing can be time-consuming and can reduce productivity, especially if employees have to be taken off the road to undergo testing.
  • Employee Turnover - Employees who use drugs may choose to leave the company rather than undergo drug testing. This can result in a loss of skilled drivers and can increase recruitment and training costs.

Ultimately, the DOT drug testing program is required of your company. This means that, no matter how detrimental you think it is to your overall business, if you want to remain operational, you’ll have to maintain compliance. Thus, rather than viewing the regulations as a negative, focusing on how you can most efficiently meet the requirements will help your overall business.

How Does Fleet Drug Testing’s Consortium Program Work?

Fleet Drug Testing’s Consortium Program is designed to help businesses like yours comply with the DOT’s drug and alcohol testing regulations more easily and cost-effectively. The program is specifically designed for companies that have a small number of safety-sensitive employees, as it allows them to pool their testing resources with other similar-sized companies.

Here’s how our consortium program works:

  • Enrollment – When you decide to enroll in the program, we’ll make sure to walk you through the steps of filling out an enrollment form and paying a one-time enrollment fee.
  • Random Selection – Once enrolled, your company’s employees are added to a pool of employees from other companies in the program. Each quarter, a certain percentage of the pool is randomly selected for testing per the DOT’s requirements.
  • Testing – The selected employees are notified and must report to a designated testing facility for a drug and/or alcohol test. The test results are sent directly to us, and we then notify your company of the results.
  • Follow-up Testing – If an employee tests positive, we will work with the employer to arrange for a follow-up test, as required by federal regulations. The employer is responsible for any costs associated with the follow-up test, but we can help you reduce this cost by working with one of our testing location partners.
  • Recordkeeping – An extremely important aspect of the DOT’s program is recordkeeping. We maintain all records associated with the testing program, including results, notifications, and follow-up testing.

By participating in our Consortium Program, your company can reduce its testing costs and administrative burden while still complying with federal regulations. Overall, we can not only ensure that your company remains compliant with these regulations, but we can give you peace of mind that your company is taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of your drivers and everyone else on the road.

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Fleet Drug Testing is a leading provider of testing services, ensuring compliance and giving your business what it needs to keep running. We handle all of the administrative tasks associated with the DOT drug testing program, and through our consortium program, we can help you reduce costs and focus on operating your business.


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