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Fleet Drug Testing’s mission is simple: simplify your DOT compliance experience so that you can focus on driving safely. At one of our 10,000 convenient drug and alcohol testing locations, Fleet Drug Testing offers an easily accessible DOT compliant drug and alcohol testing program.

When we work together to reduce drug abuse, we can make the roads safer for you and everyone else out there


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At Fleet Drug Testing, we’re passionate about reducing drug abuse and empowering companies to improve employee health and safety. Backed by a network of over 10,000 drug and alcohol testing locations, we provide a comprehensive suite of services that help you meet government-mandated regulations and maintain a drug- and alcohol-free workplace – all in one reliable, affordable package.

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FMCSA Drug Testing for Truck Drivers

According to DOT 49 CFR Part 40, the Department of Transportation requires ongoing drug and alcohol testing for all professional truck drivers in the United States who operate a vehicle:

  • With a gross weight rating of 26,001 lbs or more

  • Designed to transport 16 occupants or more

  • That is used to transport hazardous waste

Additionally, truck drivers are required to be regularly tested at other times. These can include:

  • Pre-Employment Drug Screening

  • Post-Accident Drug Testing

  • Random Testing

  • Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Return to Duty Testing

  • Follow-Up Testing

New Truck Drivers

The Department of Transportation requires professional truck drivers to take regular drug and alcohol tests in order to stay compliant. If you don’t undergo testing, you could lose your job, pay expensive fines, pay higher insurance premiums, or even go to jail. It is serious.

What Happens If I Miss a DOT Required Drug Test?

If you miss a DOT drug test, the DOT requires your employer to remove you from your safety sensitive DTOP position until you are compliant. Your employer would also have cause to fire you. The same is true if you refuse to take your DOT drug and alcohol test or if you fail it.

If your employer does not terminate you, you will be required to see a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) and be regularly evaluated. To regain your ability to work, you must complete an educational course or complete a treatment program and pass a drug and alcohol test.

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