Fleet Drug Testing Training

Companies strive to protect their customers, their businesses, and their employees from harm. That starts with safe hiring practices and proper drug testing. But staying up to date on background checks and drug tests isn’t always easy, especially in the transportation industry. Making sure your company meets federal and state regulations, and the company’s own high standards take a lot of effort and know-how.

Fleet Drug Testing provides that know-how with practical, engaging, and focused training for managers and employees. Managers will know how to create a safe work environment by keeping up with all DOT regulations and any other compliance mandates. Employees will understand how following these safety regulations will protect them and contribute to a better and more secure workplace.

Explore a Better Way to Keep Your Company Compliant with Fleet Drug Testing

If you are struggling to keep your company ahead of confusing federal regulations on drug testing and other requirements, it’s time to discuss better options for your managers and employees. Contact Fleet Drug Testing for a free consultation on your company’s needs.

We handle drug testing, background checks, and other important security measures for companies of any size. We are also certified to provide training and education for supervisors and workers to make sure every employee is aware of their responsibilities in creating a safe and drug-free workplace.

Fleet Drug Testing Training Initiatives

Even the best companies can falter when trying to keep and maintain their own high standards for good business practices. A once-compliant business can quickly end up in violation of new and changing federal laws regarding hiring safeguards and alcohol testing.

You could desire to sustain the standard of excellence your company already works hard to keep up. You might have concerns over the business practices currently used at your company. Our training programs are designed to engage managers and employees and keep all drivers, pilots, and staff members safe and within the law.

When you invest in training the leaders in your office, compliance with these and other government agencies becomes a team effort:

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) and State Public Utilities Commission (PUC)
  • Federal Transit Administration (FTA)
  • United States Coast Guard (USCG)
  • Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)


Meeting every regulation won’t just be one person’s responsibility. Compliance becomes the responsibility of every supervisor and employee in your company. This change in focus gives your business a much better footing to keep federal inspectors from disrupting your operations.

Training From Fleet Drug Testing

Training from Fleet Drug Testing empowers your staff to take ownership in the workplace, making the effort to stay ahead of every DOT and government regulation that much easier.

These and other course goals help you stay out of hot water and ahead of the competition:

Management Aptitude

Through leadership building and education on DOT drug-testing requirements, your supervisors will know exactly what’s required. They’ll understand how to secure full compliance from current employees and potential employees. We ensure that every member of your management team knows what’s required in hiring practices and what to anticipate during drug and alcohol testing.

Employee Training

We provide employee training to make sure your workers know the part they play in a safe and compliant office or workspace. Safe on the road or in the air. The importance of meeting these important requirements is clearly explained to each and every worker, from the office to the warehouse, to the truck cab.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Education

Your Management teams will understand the strict drug and alcohol testing requirements your company faces. Fleet Drug Testing also trains supervisors to ensure every staff member understands the restrictions they face. Managers will have the tools they need to foster positive behavior from all employees. They’ll learn to identify those employees who will need drug or alcohol counseling and how to get them help.

The Advantages of Fleet Drug Testing Training for Your Employees

Fleet Drug Testing provides affordable training for your employees and makes getting tested and certified convenient for every schedule.

Our training is available every day of the year at all hours of the day. The drug testing lessons are designed for maximum comprehension and retention of information. Training is online and it’s designed to keep your employees engaged. Regular check-up tests ensure that managers understand the material and remain experts on the subject matter

Our training meets the DOT’s supervisor training and employee education prerequisites. Certifications are awarded promptly to managers and employees. Our curriculum is updated as soon as federal and state laws change.

Contact Fleet Drug Testing to Find Out How Training Benefits Your Company

Fleet Drug Testing offers full, detailed training courses and certification for your work leaders and your employees. We offer courses in DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements and background check requirements. We also teach supervisors to develop workplace leadership skills so they are qualified to guide their employees through DOT compliance.

Contact Fleet Drug Testing to hear more about our affordable drug testing and background screening services. We can also talk with you about training options for your workplace and begin tailoring an education plan that’s right for the needs of your employees. Getting started as soon as possible is the key to satisfying every transportation drug-testing requirement and keeping your company on the right side of local and federal laws.