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When Are You Drug Tested in Vermont?

Not everybody that works in the transportation industry in Vermont gets drug tested, but certain key workers in “safety-sensitive” roles do. Under DOT regulations, these workers are those whose job duties:

  • Impact the safety of others.

This includes drivers, but also others you may not think of right away, like air traffic controllers, ship captains, or train engineers. Regardless, the DOT is very strict when it comes to its drug testing program and sets testing requirements under the following conditions:

  • Pre-employment, before you get hired. Failing this test usually means you won’t be hired.
  • At random, where you’re randomly selected by a computer program. The DOT currently sets drug testing intervals at 50% per calendar year.
  • After a supervisor or substance abuse professional (SAP) has a reasonable suspicion of drug use.
  • After an accident where there’s property damage or injury.
  • Follow-up testing if you fail a drug test.

Not only are you drug tested at these intervals, but it becomes important to have DOT-compliant locations that can actually administer these tests. Generally, the procedure is the same for a DOT drug test under regulations and includes the following steps:

  • Employers need to tell their employees about the testing process, sharing details about when and where it will happen.

  • A trained person at the testing place takes a fluid sample from the employee, making sure it’s labeled and sealed to prevent any tampering.

  • The sample gets divided into two containers: one for the main test and the other kept in case there are questions about the result.

  • The main sample goes to a certified lab for testing using an immunoassay test. If it’s positive, they do another test called gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) to confirm.

  • A Medical Review Officer (MRO) checks the results, getting in touch with the employee if it’s positive. The MRO asks about any prescribed medicines that might affect the result. If there’s a good reason, the MRO says the result is negative.

  • The MRO tells the employer about the test results. If it’s positive, the employee must stop doing safety-sensitive tasks right away, and the employer might need to tell the DOT about the positive result.

Obviously, it’s not just getting tested that’s important, but making sure that you’re prepared for and can pass a DOT drug test. Not being able to do so is going to have a seriously negative impact on how you’re able to move forward with your career.

Benefits and Challenges of DOT Drug Testing

Like any facet of a business, drug testing regulations come with both advantages and disadvantages. In looking at these, it’s important to remember that the DOT’s main goal is to keep everyone in the transportation sector safe, and they have the full power and resources of the federal government at their disposal to do that. So, while there are certain advantages and challenges, the main thing to remember is that getting tested is simply a part of your job. That said, here’s a look at some of the advantages and challenges:


  • Enhances safety
  • Promotes compliance
  • Protects your reputation
  • Maintains your health


  • Can be expensive
  • Can disrupt or even shut down your operations
  • May impact your productivity
  • Invasion of your privacy during the testing process

So, while the DOT drug testing program offers numerous benefits, it also poses challenges that should be carefully considered. Again, though, it’s something you have to do if you work in safety-sensitive roles within the industry in Vermont.

How Can We Help?

Balancing these advantages and drawbacks is a crucial aspect of your approach to the program. But it’s here where we can help:

  • We are knowledgeable about the rules for drug testing, providing detailed assistance with all the requirements.

  • We take on the responsibility of making sure your drug testing procedures meet both industry standards and legal rules, ensuring complete compliance.

  • With our support, going through drug testing becomes hassle-free, giving you confidence that you’re following the right steps.

  • Our services for businesses are personalized to fit your specific needs, making the entire process more straightforward for you.

  • We work efficiently to provide accurate test results quickly, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions.

  • We are dedicated to putting safety first by identifying and addressing substance abuse issues.

  • Our network includes experts in various fields, guaranteeing a thorough and high-quality service for you.

  • Your information and results are treated with the highest confidentiality, respecting your privacy and maintaining discretion.

Keep Moving With Fleet Drug Testing

At Fleet Drug Testing, our programs work with certified testing locations across Vermont to make sure you can keep moving. We offer various drug testing services and programs to make sure you meet DOT requirements. Plus, our team provides full support, from starting your drug testing program to ongoing management. Contact us today to learn more or to get started.