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Data from the Texas Department of Transportation (TDOT) found that the transportation industry creates nearly 1.1 million jobs and over $62 billion in labor income throughout Texas per year. If you work in this industry in Texas, following federal regulations set by the Department of Transportation (DOT) is equally as important as following Texas regulations. One of the main federal regulations in place involves drug testing. These rules are very strict, so it’s crucial to choose a company that can provide reliable testing services that meet the DOT’s requirements.

At Fleet Drug Testing, we’re proud to offer drug testing solutions that follow the DOT’s rules. We can help employers and employees in safety-sensitive positions at many locations across Texas, from Houston to Austin to and El Paso and all points in between.

Whether your route takes you along Interstate 10 or Interstate 35, our team of experienced professionals will make sure your test results are accurate and that you stay within the DOT’s rules.  If you want to learn more about our programs or start the process of enrolling, just contact us today. We’re here to help you stay on the road.

What is the DOT Drug Testing Program?

The DOT’s drug testing program is a federally regulated program, required for all “safety-sensitive” employees. These are workers who drive commercial vehicles or have jobs that affect others’ safety. Examples include:

  • Truck drivers
  • Bus drivers
  • Pilots
  • Air traffic controllers
  • Train engineers

In Texas, complying with DOT’s drug testing program is necessary for licensing. The program includes:

  • Pre-employment testing – Employees must pass a drug and alcohol test before getting hired for a safety-sensitive job.
  • Random testing – DOT regulations require random drug and alcohol testing for safety-sensitive employees. Employers randomly select employees for testing, with at least half undergoing drug testing and at least 10% undergoing alcohol testing within a year.
  • Reasonable suspicion testing – If there’s a reasonable belief that an employee is under the influence, they must undergo testing as mandated by DOT.
  • Post-accident testing – After work-related accidents resulting in fatality, serious injury, or property damage, the involved employee must undergo drug and alcohol testing.
  • Return-to-duty testing – If an employee tests positive, they must complete substance abuse treatment and pass a “return-to-duty” test before resuming safety-sensitive duties.
  • Follow-up testing – Employees who tested positive and returned to work must undergo regular follow-up testing.

DOT requires drug testing using urine or saliva samples, checking for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and PCP. Certified facilities throughout Texas conduct these tests.

What is the Procedure For a DOT Drug Test?

The DOT’s drug testing program not only requires testing but also has strict measures in place to ensure accurate and consistent results. This benefits employees and their companies by providing professional and compliant testing.

To understand these requirements better, let’s look at the DOT’s drug testing procedure:

  • Notification – The employee is informed about the need for drug testing and what it entails.
  • Collection – A trained collector collects urine or saliva sample from the employee using proper procedures.
  • Split specimen – The collected sample is divided into two containers (A and B), sealed in front of the employee, creating two separate samples for testing.
  • Sample testing – The sample is sent to a certified laboratory approved by the DHHR and NLCP. The lab conducts tests to detect any drugs or alcohol in the sample.
  • Review by a Medical Review Officer (MRO) – The lab provides the test results to an MRO who reviews them. The MRO contacts the employee if clarification is needed or if there are any concerns.
  • Reporting – The MRO informs the employer about the test results.

What happens next depends on the test results. If the test is positive, the employee might have to stop working in their safety-sensitive role. They may also need to complete a program for substance abuse treatment before they can return to work.

It’s really important to have accurate drug test results for both employees and employers. It’s not just about following rules, but also about keeping the business running smoothly and taking care of one’s family. Whether you’re a safety-sensitive employee or a manager in the transportation business, being prepared and knowing the DOT regulations is really important.

How Effective is the DOT Drug Testing Program?

Complying with DOT drug testing is necessary, but it’s not the only aspect to consider. In the transportation industry in Texas, the DOT testing program has multiple purposes beyond just detecting drug use. Let’s take a closer look at these additional effects:

  • Random drug testing makes employees think twice about using drugs or alcohol while performing safety-sensitive tasks.
  • The program sets clear guidelines and rules for drug testing, ensuring that employers and employees follow the standardized procedures and regulations.
  • The testing methods, like urine testing, accurately identify the presence of prohibited substances, helping identify individuals who may pose safety risks due to drug use.
  • When an employee tests positive, the program allows for appropriate actions, such as removing them from safety-sensitive positions, completing substance abuse treatment programs, and passing the “return-to-duty” test before resuming their duties.
  • The program covers various industries, including aviation, trucking, railroads, and more, ensuring consistent drug testing standards across these safety-sensitive sectors.

Overall, the DOT Drug Testing Program has played a significant role in promoting workplace safety, deterring drug use, and fostering a drug-free environment in industries that fall under DOT regulations.

DOT Testing Solutions For You in Texas

If you’re in Texas and need a DOT drug testing location, our experienced team at Fleet Drug Testing is here to help. We provide a range of programs to ensure compliance with regulations for both you and your employer. Our network includes certified drug testing facilities conveniently located throughout Arizona, meeting all necessary guidelines.

Our programs will walk you through the entire process, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the test. Don’t underestimate the importance of DOT drug testing—it’s vital for your safety and the safety of the public. Contact us today to find a testing location near you in Texas.

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